Saturday, May 29, 2010

Salute To Veterans Air Show

I took my family to the Salute to Veterans Air Show at the Columbia Regional Airport south of Columbia, Missouri this morning. It was already warm when we arrived at 10:30 am, and the parking was becoming less ample. After a short hike, we made it onto the tarmac, set our lawn chairs down, and went for even more of a stroll to gawk at the sleeping aircraft. We saw bi-planes of the Great War, magnificent fighters and bombers of WWII, and modern helicopters, fighters, and jumbo jets used for mid-air refuelling, reconnaisance, troop transport, etc. Among this menagerie of might and terror which keeps us free were the A-10, MH-53, P-51, B-25H, and P-38. Here are a few photos of the magnificent and terrifying instruments of death and freedom I took at the event:

After an impressive series of parachuting maneuvers by Canadian troops, an A-10C from Tuscon put on an exhibition of its flying capabilities, followed by an even more awe-inspiring F/A-18 Hornet...a very loud one.

One interesting moment that could have or should have been made even more interesting occurred during the A-10's show. A couple of leftovers from the 1960's went strolling through the large crowd of spectators wearing placards which read: "Who Would Jesus Bomb?"


The interestingness quotient was kept low by this author's restraining his profound urge to walk up to them to answer their question thusly: "People...who" and then saying, probably half-facetiously, "maybe," probably.
I don't know if anyone else even noticed them, all attention was fixed upon the skies.

Today, I pass along my feeble thanks to our airmen who very powerfully keep us free.


  1. Nice photos.
    "Who would Jesus bomb?" Ah, yes, the situational ethics tactic again. Christian values is the cry by those who have no idea of the depth of those values, but are willing to use them to advance their cause.

    Of course when Christian values can't be used that way, they change their tune to Christian values are a bunch of outmoded, old fashioned, superstitious nonsense.

  2. At work, I am surrounded by the worst kind of progressives ... the religious kind. The United Methodist Church is full of useful idiots.