Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Prayer For Honor

Heavenly Father, Creator, Providence, First Cause of ALL things, I am in awe of Who You Are and What You have Done. The universe and the earth within it are full of Your Glory and cannot help but constantly sing Your Praise. History, with all its sorrows, bears witness to your lovingkindness and unfailing love for all us. I cry out to You for there is nothing that can separate me from Your Love.

I am flabergasted that You would Love me thusly, such a pitiful wretch as I am. I have sinned against You for as long as I can remember and more. I ask you again to wash me afresh of my sin and blot out my transgressions, for even clean I tremble to come into Your Presence. My thanks for providing me a way to come before Your Throne knows no tongue to be adequately expressed.

It was for freedom that You have Made me free, and not only my own. How then can the enemies of the liberty of all men not also be the enemies of Your Own Heart? Surely, there there are those enemies of freedom that, even now, are beseeching You to aid their cause. The Progressives in America claim your Name and the Name of Your Son in the belief that the reduction of liberty is godly. I have come to realize, by Your Grace, that the worst Progressive is a religious one--less capable of entering Your Kingdom than a camel can leap through the eye of a needle.

My one petition to You, Father, is on behalf of all Americans and on behalf of all mankind everywhere who yearn to live free. I know without a doubt that the enemy is at work in every land to silence the voice of liberty wherever it resounds. I have long believed that his strongholds where elsewhere far from my country. I can no longer deny that his eye, his strength, and his wrath are in these times with his utmost fury focussed upon the United States of America, the last hope of liberty on earth.

In just a matter of hours, millions of Americans will gather in my nation's capital in the name of Honor. It is my prayer, LORD, that You Will Pour out Your Blessings on this assembly as they make a profound stand for liberty. For with Your Blessing, they cannot stand unnoticed. At such a time as this, as You Have Done throughout history, Send Your Mercy to our land, Save us from Your Wrath and the destroying revolution the enemy intends for us. Renew the promise of liberty in our land that we may once again and purely shine the light of for freedom and justice in a world benighted in slavery and tyranny.

Let the pretenders be confused and exposed. Let those devoted to the cause of liberty and honor be strengthened and encouraged. Let there be no doubt who we really are.

Above all, Let the Name of the LORD be Magnified and Praised.

I pray all these things in the name of Jesus, and I also ask Your Grace to Hear the prayers from those who do not yet know You and believe yet love liberty as I do.



  1. Thank you for stopping by. After posting this, I had a small misgiving: that I had needlessly impugned certain people, fellow creatures of God, to the point that I bring their very welcome into the Kingdom into question. It is my hope that the eye-of-the-needle reference was sufficient to get my point across that it is not that they will never make it to the Kingdom, but that they are in danger of never entering Therein by their unceasing rejection of the Lord of Liberty which they might see as championing Him instead.

    It seems to me that the Blessing has ideed been poured out! My continued prayer in this regard would be for the protection of not only Glenn and the speakers at that event but for everyone present at the event in body as well as those present in spirit. More importantly than that, I would that the message does not fade away over time, that the hearers will not remain hearers but become also vigilant rememberers and doers.
    We are seeing more and more a frustration among thse (Republicans mostly) who might have hoped to ride the wave, as it were.

    If we continue the stand for liberty, our real adversary will not be happy. May God continue to show us mercy.